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Mortal Engines Interior Design

Motortisch - Reihe 5 Zylinder (VW, Guss) | Couch - Beistelltisch

Motortisch - Reihe 5 Zylinder (VW, Guss) | Couch - Beistelltisch

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Handgefertigter Motortisch von Mortal Engines Interior Design. Gefertigt aus einem VW 5 Zylinder Motor.


Kompakter Couchtisch für eine besondere Inneneinrichtung.

  • VW 5 Zylinder Motorblock mit schwarzem Speziallack
  • Hochglanzpolierte Kolben und Pleuel
  • Bodenplatte aus hellem Echtholz mit integrierten Rollen
  • Farbverstellbare und stromsparende LED Beleuchtung 

An einigen Stellen sind typische, nicht vermeidbare Verschleißrückstände der jahrelang im Einsatz gewesenen Teile zu sehen. Dies macht den Tisch nicht nur authentisch, sondern auch zu einem echten Unikat


  • Für den Versand berechnen wir 90€
  • Lieferung erfolgt per Spedition und Palette


Maße sowie Form der Glasplatte variieren je nach Wunsch. Die Höhe des Tisches kann leicht variieren. 

Glasplatte 800x600mm
Holzplatte 605x360mm
Höhe 465mm (mit Glasplatte)

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High quality

The devil is in the details. We work on our motor tables with the same dedication as we do on our own cars.

Gentle on your home

The otherwise rather unwieldy motor block can be easily moved with the mounted rollers and is not dangerous for any type of floor .

Die Kolben des Motorblock tragen die Glasplatte durch rutschfeste Gumminoppen zuverlässig

Ready for your everyday life

Rubber nubs on the pistons carry the glass plate reliably and ensure slip resistance suitable for everyday use.

The glass plate consists of 8mm thick glass.

Also shines in the dark

With a remote control you can change the color of the high-quality LED strips at any time.

your ideas. your motor table.

Your motor table - your apartment - your rules. Choose the color of the table , the base plate and the connecting rods or change the shape of the glass plate according to your wishes . You can simply enter these in the "Individual wishes" field above.

FAQ | The most frequently asked questions

Is the table suitable for outdoor use?

As with any metal, rust also develops on the engine block if the moisture is too high. It is therefore possible to set it up outside, but we do not recommend it. Otherwise, occasional cleaning can help here.

Are there oil stains on my carpet?

The engine block has been completely cleaned and is completely free of any liquids. It can be placed on any carpet without hesitation.

How is the table delivered?

The table is already fully assembled except for the glass top. It may just be that the connecting rods to hold the glass plate have to be readjusted a bit.

The dispatch takes place by forwarding agency on a pallet.

Is the glass plate non-slip?

The glass plate rests on the rubber knobs, which in turn are mounted on the piston. This is more than sufficient for all everyday situations. However, violent movements on the side of the glass plate can lead to slight slipping.